Dumel is a South African-based web development company striving to deliver innovative and creative software solutions in virtual and information environments.

Fluid ideas, solid solutions

Dumel’s motto, fluid ideas, solid solutions, describes the mindset of Dumel. We do not enter an ideas session with any pre-determined solutions. The end-result, however, will be a solid, reliable and suitable solution that is based on our experience and the clients needs.

Pushing the boundaries

We believe in exchanging ideas with our clients and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking in order to arrive at the most workable solution.

The concept of customisation

We are certainly not afraid of or new to the concept of customisation! Every client presents new challenges. Dumel is willing and able to find the right solution based on the clients unique needs.

To enhance the quality of our business solutions, we not only rely on our own excellent technical know-how, we also have access to the services of various specialist contractors.

Highest ethical standards

In order to provide the best service possible, we believe in maintaining the highest ethical standards, building long-term relationships with clients and sub-contractors and delivering the best and most cost-effective service possible.

Our focus

Dumel focuses its efforts around the development of bespoke internet and intranet-based software, including supporting services such as search engine optimisation, e-commerce and bulk emailing services.


Developing a tailored solution starts with an ideas session where everything goes. Clients are often astonished by the seemingly endless options and opportunities that exist in the modern virtual word of information technology.


Dumel provides a wide range of web design and development services, taking care to keep up with changing standards like HTML 5, responsive design etc..


While we are privileged to provide our services to large multinational corporations as well as smaller SMEs, we pride ourselves on the fact that we value all clients equally and build solid and lasting professional relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and a passion for our business.

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