Web- and application development

Managing the development of your website or web application from conception, through design to development and launch

Programming, databases and dynamic HTML

This is Dumel’s true forte. We have custom built many websites and web applications with or without content management systems (CMS) – from CRM applications to Project Management solutions. Making your software available on the Internet has many advantages, not the least of which is the huge reduction in software-related costs. Have a look at some of our latest projects.

Web-based solutions

Over the years Dumel has developed a number of internet-based solutions in the following fields:

  • Project management
  • Employee training tracking
  • Virtual seminars
  • Bookshop agent management
  • Transport booking
  • Royalty income calculator
  • Property management
  • Content management systems
  • Website development
  • E-commerce
  • WordPress customisation and -development


If your product needs to be sold online, Dumel will guide you through the entire process; from the development of the product catalogue, setting up the shopping cart, right through to choosing your payment gateway service provider.

Graphic design and branding

Whether you need an elaborate cutting edge design or a clean and professional look, we have the right person for the job. Contact us for all your graphic design and branding design needs.

Access to information

Large corporates face tremendous challenges in providing project visibility and access to all kinds of data and information for employees (who often find themselves in diverse locations). Dumel meets this challenge by making applications accessible on the world wide web or across corporate local area networks and wide area networks. We were developing cloud-based solutions 10 years before clouds became part of IT terminology.

Serious about security

Dumel is also serious about the security of data transmitted and accessed online. A combination of password protection, data encryption and digital certificates endorsed by reputable certificate authorities such as Thawte, ensures that the client’s data is protected at all times.