Mass e-mailing solutions

Send bulk e-mail easily and affordably using user-friendly online tools

Welcome to Iscan, our answer to sending mass e-mails simply and affordably!

Using Iscan to send your mass e-mail is as simple as:

  1. Importing your list of e-mail subscribers
  2. Creating your e-mail from scratch or based on a template
  3. Sending your e-mail from the user-friendly online application or your favourite e-mail client
  4. Tracking your campaign to monitor how effective it was

Iscan features

Iscan is an online browser-based web application that will help you:

  • manage your contacts
  • easily create your email campaigns
  • send your mass e-mail, and
  • track its performance

Here are some of Iscan’s main features:

List management

  • Easily import and manage contacts.
  • Create multiple mailing lists so as to target specific subscribers in an e-mail campaign.
  • Up to 75,000 subscribers per mailing list!
  • We can supply you with code that you can plug into your website so that new subscribers are automatically added to your mailing list.

Creating your e-mail

  • Create your e-mail using our simple online editor – no HTML skill required.
  • HTML template-based e-mail design.
  • Support for embedded images and attachments.
  • E-mails feature unsubscribe links and online version links.
  • Custom HTML e-mail templates can be designed to suit your company look and feel.
  • Subscriber fields are supported which means that personal salutations are possible (e.g. Dear Janet as opposed to Dear Client).

Sending your e-mail

  • Send your e-mail directly from the online application, Iscan.
  • Select the mailing list you are sending to and hit send.
  • Send e-mail directly from Outlook or other e-mail clients. A very useful feature is that you can set up your mailing lists in Iscan and then send standard e-mails to these lists from an e-mail client like Outlook. As the mailing list has its own e-mail address, you would send this mail to a single e-mail address (no need to send your mail to dozens of subscribers) and the mailing list will then forward your mail to all the subscribers in your mailing list.
  • Scheduling automatic sends at a future date and time of your choosing.
  • Have the option of sending mass e-mail campaigns from your own domain. This means mail sent to subscribers will not come from but will come from Read more on the features included in this service below (see Other e-mail related services).

Tracking your e-mail. This includes monitoring:

  • delivery rates;
  • bounces and processing them;
  • link clicking in order to track which links are clicked in your e-mail;

Creating surveys

  • Set up a super simple survey with options ranging from ratings (1-10), selections (drop-down box with choices) and text fields for comments
  • Include a public link to the survey in your e-mail or website
  • Export results to your favourite spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
  • Results are e-mailed to you

Other affordable related services to save you the time and effort

  1. We can help you to set up your mailing lists and import your subscribers.
  2. We can remove your duplicate email addresses.
  3. We can help you unsubscribe bounced e-mails.
  4. We can create beautiful and professional HTML e-mail templates for your e-mail campaigns.
  5. We can create your HTML e-mail for you, ready to be sent.
  6. We can send or schedule the e-mail for you.
  7. If you choose to set up your own domain for use in e-mail campaigns, the following services and features are included (limited to the monthly purchase of 10,000 credits or more):
    • 50 e-mail accounts
    • webmail
    • spam filter
    • auto responders
    • domain registration and renewal services

2018 Iscan Pricing

Send mass e-mail from:

OUTLOOK etc. Use any email client e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail etc. ISCAN Easy to use online application (Full Access) E-mail credits Mailing Lists
R38 R95 2,000 1
R74 R185 5,000 2
R128 R320 10,000 3
R238 R595 20,000 6
R334 R835 30,000 10
R422 R1055 50,000 15
R494 R1235 70,000 20
R566 R1415 100,000 25

E & OE

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